Risen Fansite
Stefan Kalveram
Stefan Kalveram

Published: 15.8.2008
Translated by: El Kamil
Source: worldofrisen.de

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Stefan Kalveram
Job at Piranha Bytes?
Well, I've got the school-leaving exam.
Previous jobs?
Piranha Bytes
Co-operated on these games
Gothic 1, Gothic 2 Addon, Gothic 3
Favourite music
Now Prog-Rock from 70s
Favourite game
Doppelkopf (german card-game) :). No, seriously, I don't have any favourite game. However Doppelkopf is almost there. Often a little game with huge gameplay = great game!
What is your strong point?
I've got a strong fur. (And that's not only due to my beard.)
What gets you on nerves?
People without the sense of humour.
What are your hobbies?
Card-, bed-, roleplaying- and PC games, football (watching) and listing to music. I also like good beer and food.
What would you like to see in a game?
I'd like to play a campaing in the Co-op mode.
Are you not afraid of losing your creative ideas?
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