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This is the english language version of www.Risen.cz, what is a fansite of the game Risen created by czech authors. We decided to try to translate our site into english, because there are no pure english Risen fansites on the Internet at all. We would like to wish you pleasant moments spent on our site.



Inquisitor's eyeglass as gift in CZE

Czech gameshop Xzone.cz today announced long awaited present, that will the czech players get, when they pre-order the game at Xzone.cz. It is Inquisitor Mendoza's eyeglass.

This worldwide exclusive gift made out of stannum, the stone is red glass Swarovski. The eyeglass is 17cm wide.

And finally, here is the picture:


Faranga - the gameworld of Risen

Piranha Bytes on Twitter officially announced, that the volcanic Risen island's name is ... Faranga.

Risen ingame video from RPC

Finally, it begins. No these are not the words of the Inquisitor. They mean, that some ingame material from RPC has finally arrived to us. On youtube you can watch almost eight minutes of playing Risen during a Risen presentation on RPC with commentary of Piranha Bytes. On the screen you can see the gameworld, dialogues and fights with monsters.


First fotos from RPC

Role Playing Convention, which is taking place in Koln, Germany, begun yesterday. World of Risen published set of 19 first fotos from the Convention including images of Risen state. Check'em all in WoR gallery.


Risen Wallpaper Calendar

Milhaus from our czech board created wallpaper calendar with motives from Risen. Every month we will reveal new wallpaper. Now it is April. Calendar is in two language versions - English and German.

Risen in Gamestar megapreview

There is a huge preview in german magazine Gamestar. We bring you some of the information here, on our website. The information will be devided to more news and here is the first one.

The nameless hero is back! Shipwrecked, on the beach of an exotic island. His look will be once more remodelled. The first seconds of the gameplay say all: The new Piranha Bytes' game haven't got the "Gothic" in the name, but it's obvious, that it bears "Gothic" in its heart. The developers say: "We know pretty sure, what we owe our fans. They want an intensive adventure like in the second Gothic - however more modern and without bugs. And exatly that we will give them."

The game, which is now from 60% finished, begins on a beach. After the intro starts the game. Without any character editor or anything similar - that's typical for Piranhas. The hero really has got no name and his look can't be changed. And sure, he's no idea of his whereabouts. The mentioned beach looks very beautiful, it is the most idylic beach since Crysis. The palms, the butterflies, the sea... The water now looks more realistic than in Gothic 3, it was one of the priorities, says Kai Rosenkranz. In the very beginning of the game we meat a woman Sara, who is probably an important character in the game.

That's all for now. But stay tuned, we will bring you more soon.

Posters from Games Convention

German fansite WoR.de published posters, which were presented at Games Convention. Except already known artworks you can see the inquisitor, a face of an unknown female fighter and a monster from the trailer. More in WoR gallery.

Short info from german Gamestar, Poll

The newest issue of german magazine Gamestar contains a Risen preview. Some information already made it to the WoR board. Here is the translation. It's spoiler, so read it only if you really want.

The Inquisitor is "evil", he enslaves the people on the island to find "it". It isn't known yet, what "it" is.
The hero wrecks on the island.
The magic of old gods is losing its power and that's why the temples with dark creatures are rising on the whole island, the volcano erupts.

The fighting skills are new. For example: It should be important to kill a certain monster using a certain weapon on a certain level.

We also launched a new poll question. This time it's about first trailer. Share your opinion with us! You can browse poll history in Poll results section.

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