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General information

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Last update: 15.8.2008

General information
  • The game should be released before 2009.
  • This is no new part of Gothic series and no remake of Gothic 1.
  • In the game won't be elements of Gothic series. Rights holds JoWood.
  • It's the typical 'Piranha-Bytes' game.
  • It hasn't been decided yet if the Collector's edition will be released.
  • The game will be released in English and German.
  • Demo is planned.
  • The game will be tested more thorougly then Gothic 3.
  • Risen will be only for 'single player' playing.
  • Probably, the game will be accessible for 16+.
  • The game will be partitioned like a Gothic 1 (chapters).
  • The story will be very interesting and with a lot of story turns.
  • The gods dissapeared from the world and a new might appeared - the player will meet with it.
  • On the volcanic island are happening strange thinks that are striking horror and uncertainly.
  • In the game will be one good and one bad end.
  • There is a group of people, which want to discover all the things - - it's called "The Inquisition".
  • One of the player's destinations is get at 'Forbidden island'.
Game world
  • The game will be in the fantasy world with typical monsters, magicians, alchemists, blacksmiths, hunters and warriors.
  • The main part of the world is the volcanic island, the ´Forbidden island´, and there we´ll spend the biggest part of the game.
  • The world will be smaller than world of Gothic 3 and it will be credible and there will be strong atmosphere and liberty.
  • There will be more cities in the game - not just one primary city.
  • The game world won´t be violently bordered - we will understand when we´ll see the game.
  • The game world is consisted of different nature areas.
  • There will be day and night in the game world.
  • Caves and dungeons will be in the game.
  • Waterfalls will be in the game (And may be better then waterfalls in G3).
  • Countryside will be very realistic.
  • Player can move himself on the world without loading screen.
  • Atmosphere will be dark.
  • We can find beach, march, mountains and important underground locations in the game.
  • There will be packs of animals in the game.
The game
  • Player will be throwed into the game world without specific knowledge (like Gothic 1).
  • Some areas will be accessible until specific chapter.
  • There will be bigger stress on puzzles.
  • There will be shields in the game.
  • There will be cloakes in the game (visible on player).
  • Fighting with staffs is planned.
  • The game will be full of dialogues.
  • There will be hidden secret doors in the game.
  • You can fight with 2 weapons in the game.
  • There will be rune magic in the game.
  • The style of fight is controlled with level of skill - more skills = more gracious fight.
  • There will be foodstuff in the game, which can permanently ratchet up some of ability (like apples in Gothic 2).
  • Skill system will be similar as skill system in Gothic 1/2 - with new level player will get skillpoints and health.
  • There will be guilds or some kind of faction in the game.
  • There will be a lot of weapons and spells in the game, some of them will be very special.
  • Armours will be from the ´one piece´ (like all part of game Gothic).
  • Player can transform to something else.
  • There will be arenas in the game.
  • Player will have needs like hunger, thirst, sleep etc.
  • Forging will be important.
  • There will be torchs and camp-fires in the game.
  • Taking aim will be similar as taking aim in Gothic 3.
  • Transformations will be concerted with the story and some areas will be hardly accessible without them.
NPC and beasts
  • Hero will have one unchangeable visage, no generation of hero.
  • Hero name isn´t known yet.
  • Maximal polygons number of armours will be 6000.
  • There will be more women then in G3.
  • Creature will have characteristic design.
  • Dragons, orks, elves and dwarfs are not planned.
  • Characters of resie Gothic can´t be used - because of legal reasons.
  • Characters will have better AI and player will have very thrilling dialogues with them.
  • There will be beasts like worms in the game.
  • There will be a new graphic engine used in this game, it is licenced, but big part of it is independently developed.
  • Everything will be modelled by hand again (content of chests too).
  • Every animation will be newly produced.
  • There will be used tools Paralaxmapping, Normalmapping and Specularmaps.
  • There the development are used programs 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and ZBrush.
  • Technology like Ageia PhysX, Emotion FX and FMod are used too.
  • For representation of trees is used technology Speedtree.
  • Engine is programmed in C++.
  • The game will be able to run on dual-core processors too.
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